Nyagrodha Exhibits And Events is the brainchild our Nyagrodha Exhibitis and Events driven by core values of integrity, commitment and loyalty to customers. In the year 2016 Event Management started at Pangodu Military camp and since till date we been doing the work.

Our events direction will give you the confidence to expand your creativity and deliver something special. Innovative thinking, impeccable planning and attention to detail ensure our events engage with the audience – indoors or outdoors, large-scale to intimate, corporate to social.

Why Us

Nyagrodha Exhibits And Events works with all sizes of business and brands, from start-ups through to blue chip multinationals. We know what it is like to be a new business and will always create the best solution for every budget. Likewise, we know how difficult it is to land any quality client, regardless of size, so we are highly focused on ensuring we keep them once we do. Therefore, we treat every budget as if our own and ensure we maximise the impact through our talented team using the best channels and most creative marketing communications techniques around. As an agency, we have very high client retention and those who leave for internal reasons, often come back – so we are performing at the highest level and promise to maintain and improve our standards as we grow with our clients

It is important to put your faith in an agency that will do something special with your budget, while leaning on over a decade’s experience delivering at the highest level.

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